Caisson Worker
Hyperbaric Medicine



Zero-G parabolic flight

Manned flights require for astronauts confinement, the respiration of synthetic atmospheres, and for Extra Vehicular Activities decompressions procedures. All these environmental circumstances are among  HYPERBARIE Sarl's know how.

JCLP HYPERBARIE had been awarded several contracts from ESA to draft and finalize the Atmosphere Quality Standard for Manned Space Vehicles. This standard now is published under reference : ESA : PSS 03-401.

In 2002/03 a new contract with ESA-ESTEC concerning ECLSS standardization has been awarded.

Air France had contracted
JCLP HYPERBARIE to organize safety aspects and training for the personnel visiting Boeing 747 kerosene tanks for leak tests in depression.

Airbus-France, since 2002, contracts JCLP HYPERBARIE for  the training of personnel exposed to pressure for the cabin pressure tests on plane delivery. 

L'ESA had awarded a joint contract to CERTSM -French Navy- and JCLP HYPERBARIE to carry out an evaluation of human production of atmospheric pollutants during the confinement experiment EXEMSI in Kholn by DLR (1992).


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