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Hyperbaric Medicine


Responsibilities and safety Training session in Paris 



HYPERBARIE Sarl  clients are :

Companies contracting divers ask Hyperbarie Sarl to:

  • Prepare bids for tenders
  • Write safety specifications for sub-sea works,
  • Commission Diving Support Vessels (DSV),
  • Carry out safety audits of diving contractors ,
  • Write safety plans for operations involving under water works.

Underwater contractors use Hyperbarie Sarl services   for: 

  • Specific training sessions (Chamber operators, Life support technicians, Writing of safety plans)
  • Adaptation of diving procedures to special diving conditions (Depth, Tables, Mixes, Decompression support equipment)
  • Preparation of bids to tender contracts with specific hazards (Altitude, Underground/cave, dangerous tools ...)


Ministerial Departments, Unions, Associations...

Manufacturers of diving equipment

Diving plants and systems, Diving gear, Special tools,...

References in those fields :

EDF, COGEMA, Group TOTAL and subsidiaries, DDE, Conseils Généraux, CEO, Vivendi, Bouygues-Offshore, ETPM, Technip-Coflexip-Stena-Offshore, BNFL UK, Voies Navigables de France.... 

Sogétram, EMCC/CTS, Hydrokarst, DVO, Océamer/Cocéan,      In Vivo...

Ministry of Labor, SNETI, Bureau Veritas, IFREMER, CRAMIF, INRS....,

La Spirotechnique, LAMA, Beuchat....,