Safety and responsibilities





Dates : September 26 and 27 2006, sessions from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Venue : Hotel IBIS Porte de Montreuil - Paris (75020)

Language : FRENCH

Presentation by : Georges GOURDON (HYPERBARIE Sarl)


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Safety and responsibilities


Tuesday September 26 and Wednesday 27, 2006 - Paris (Porte de Montreuil)


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Safety and responsibilities




Your group, your company or yourself are involved in marine operations requiring sub-sea work by divers. This part of the work will be awarded to a specialized sub-contractor who will have to take care of all technical and safety aspects of the diving work. From European directives as well as International standard, the client of such sub-sea works needs to ascertain that the overall safety is properly taken care of.

Your group, your company or yourself are concerned with Safety Management System (SMS). However you may not be aware of the consequences of SMS on sub-contracting sub-sea work on your site.

In most regulations sub-sea works by divers are listed in hazardous work which require a specific risk evaluation and safety measures which need some understanding even from the client.


A sound risk evaluation will have to address :

                    The physiological aspects of diving, and resulting diving procedures,

                The technological risks associated with the diving equipment and the tools

                    The risks directly related to the site where the operation is undertaken.


This risk evaluation can only be done in cooperation between the client and the sub-contractor. During this preparation as well as during the operation, the client representative, must be aware of diving related safety issues and have a clear understanding of the diving procedures.

JCLP hyperbarie is organizing a 2 day training session to help the clients in understanding their role and duties as far as safety of sub-contracted sub-sea work by divers is concerned.

The content of the session is the following :


1.        Introduction / General presentation

2.        Physiological constrains when living under increased pressure resulting diving procedures,

3.        Technical aspects of diving equipment necessary to run the dives (Air diving, surface demand, open bell, closed bell and saturation, mixed gases)

4.        Hazards resulting from underwater tools and industrial environment

5.        Emergency procedures and contingency plans (DCI, Accident at work, evacuation )

6.        National regulations and IMCA recommendations for safe diving Offshore Content, applicability, consequences, auditing diving contractors.

7.        Conclusions - SMS, client duties and responsibilities in diving related matters.


A booklet containing an abstract of the course content, most of the slides used to support the presentation and a list of reference document for more detailed information will be supplied to each attendee..


Objectives of the training is to provide responsible persons with the necessary knowledge and understanding to carry out risk assessment of the works they want diving contractor to perform for them. After the training they should also be aware of regulations and recommendations set by IMCA for safe diving practice.


A certificate of attendance will be handed over to each participant at the completion of the session.